My Kids Tennis Programs
The game of tennis just became a kid friendly, a lot easier and fun to play with JingLi innovative My Kids Tennis programs

ABC  Program

ABC Tennis Program introduce kids to tennis trough fun activities and game together with developing in them basic motor skills including tracking, catching, throwing, running etc. Amazing program for your Kid to explore the tennis game and have big portion of fun.

Age Group: 3-4

Ball: Foam Ball

Racquet size: 19-23 inch

Court Size: No specific size

Ready Program

Ready stage is for beginner kids and is played with Red ball which is bigger and its bouncing less than the yellow ball making the game at this stage more easy and joyful for the youngsters. Kids are able to start rally just in matter of few lessons.

Age Group: 5-6

Ball: Red Ball (25% compression)

Racquet size: 21-23 inch

Court Size: Red Court 5x11 meters

Steady Program

After mastering the Ready stage with Red ball the kid is transferred to the Orange stage where the court is bigger and the ball bouncing is 50 %. Kids continue upgrading their skills while in same time having fun.

Age Group: 7-8

Ball: Orange Ball (50% compression)

Racquet size: 23-25 inch

Court Size: Red Court 18x6.5 meters

Go Program

The ball at Go stage have higher compression and the court size is normal.

Age Group: 9-10

Ball: Green Ball (75% compression)

Racquet size: 25-27 inch

Court Size: Red Court 23.77x10.97 meters